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R2 Automotive

1 day ago

R2 Automotive

Why 4 wheel alignment is important:

1. Fuel Efficiency
Misalignment can decrease fuel mileage. As instead of rolling freely, misaligned tires drag. That means if your tires aren’t adjusted properly, you could be spending more money on fuel. A wheel alignment could help you conserve fuel and fill up less often.

2. Smoother Ride
When your tires are out of alignment, your vehicle tends to pull to the left or right, leading to a jarring, bumpy, or even vibration-filled ride. A wheel alignment smooths out your ride and contributes to a better behind-the-wheel experience.

3. Improved Steering
If your car’s wheels are out of alignment, it’s harder to steer. You may even find yourself holding the steering wheel at an awkward angle to drive the car straight, or veering from side to side. This lack of control increases your likelihood of being involved in an accident. Proper wheel alignment means you’re able to steer clear of those problems and maintain stable control of your car.

4. Fewer Auto Repairs
It’s rough out there. If your tires are misaligned, a little jolt could lead to big problems. Hitting a pothole, for example, can cause way more damage to your tires and suspension system with a bad alignment. Spending a small amount of money on a wheel alignment can prevent you from shelling out big bucks for bigger auto repairs down the road.

5. Longer-Lasting Tires
Misalignment may lead to premature and uneven tire wear. If you wait to get a wheel alignment until it’s too late, you could find yourself buying new tires more frequently. If you’re close to your vehicle right now, check your tires to see if they show any signs of these three types of uneven or premature tire wear:

Give us a call if you want to save money ;)

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2 days ago

R2 Automotive

Brand new Lexus RX450 on our ramp getting some OE side steps supplied and installed by us 😎😎

More plans for this vehicle is in talk 😁😁
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4 days ago

R2 Automotive

GOOD NEWS!!!! We now offer 12 month finance up to £1000 with NO Credit checks and 0% APR!!!! 😎😎💪💪 (If Over £1000? May require credit check👍👌)

Saving up for summer holiday but having car issues? At R2, we now offer a 12 months interest free on all all jobs (Parts and Labour). Whether it's a simple Service, Diagnostics, Timing, performance upgrades, you can be sure we can make your summer a lot more stress free. 😉 Message us or give us a call for more info.

**Subject to a small handling fee depending on amount borrowed**
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... can you finance a k24 Frank build on my ek? 😇😇😇 I have the car 🤣🤣

What can u do performance wise on an mk6 gt tdi thanks

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